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About Us

About Nordpack
NORDPACK was established back in 1987 to service packaging machinery all over Denmark and for selling packaging machines as well as packaging lines for packing food products, sweets, pharmaceuticals and healt care products in plastic film bags or sachets automatically, including also all kind of product filling and product dosing equipment, such as Auger fillers, multi head weighers, belt- or cupfillers and X-ray product control, check weighers with feedback communication to ajust weight automatically if needed during the packaging process for minimizing “give away” and for maximizing accuracy and production speed.


We always focus on adding value to our customer’s needs in terms of packaging systems and special equipment to encrease production and quality control as well as saving labour, in small and medium size companies, to gaine their TRUST and to create INNOVATION and good TEAM SPIRIT, which makes us better and makes implementation of methodic and technology much easier for everybody involved in the process, and creates a succes.
Also in aftersale service our goal is to avoid down time in the production, of our customer, and to be your qualified supplier and valued partner in the market.