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Flowpack and vacuum pack machines and shrink packaging equipment:

Used Holweg & Strains Flowpack machine model PP100 with 2 m. infeed conveyor and 700 mm long outlet belt conveyor for packing fruits put in trays in heat sealable OPP film horizontally having the longitudinal fin seal below the trays. Max. tray size 140 x 250 mm. Max film width 450 mm. Fixed film forming box for 140 and 85 mm tray width. Capacity 20 – 50 packs per minute. Condition: Average.

New EAR-FLAP Tape Sealing Machine model P15 for closing and tape sealing loaded carton boxes in bottom and on top automatically in packaging lines. Cap. up to 10 boxes per minute. Max. Box size: L x W x H = 550 x 480 x 480 mm. Min. Box size: L x W x H = 160 x 140 x 120 mm. using 40 up to 70 mm width of adhesive tape reels.

Used Vacuum packaging machine Model AUTOVAC 2000 Band, for packing in modified atmosphere (N2 + CO2) and impuls-sealing vacuum film bags filled with smoked fish / fillets or spicy sausages a. o. during an automatically controlled vacuum packaging process. Capacity up to 2000 packs per hour. Max. pack size: 24 x 13 x 7 cm.

Used HUGO BECH shrink tunnel for hot air heat shrinking of shrink film tight around goods in trays or groups of carton boxes coming from the sleeve sealing machine below. Equiped with live roller belt conveyor with speed ajustment from 3 to 15 m/min. 6 kW and 9 kW heat capacity and ajustable temperature controller up to 230 degrees C. Max. pack dimension: 450 x 450 x 250 mm (L x W x H) Min. 150 x 125 x 60 mm Condition: Good.

Used ELWIS PACK Semi-automatic Sleeve Wrap machine with 550 mm. sealer and product infeed from left side in one unit, for semi-or automatic wrapping stacks of books or paper, traied bottles, brick juice etc. in PE-LD shrink film nice and easily. Capacity: Up to 22 packs per minute. Condition: Exellent.

Used NORDPACK shrink tunnel model ST 3722 for hot air shrinking both PP and PE shrink films around products in trays, display boxes etc. 400 mm wide roller conveyor belt trough the tunnel. 4 kW heating effect and temperature controller.

Used NORDPACK L-sealer model SM 4040 with 400 mm heat sealing bars for instant 3 side sealing of all kind of shrink films. Max pack dimension: 350 x 300 x H 150 mm .

Product dosing systems and termo/transfer printers:

Used MATEER-BURT AUGER FILLER Model 1000 for filling powder and granular products on vertical or horizontal packaging machines automatically. two sets of augers made of stainless steel including also motorized drive unit and control board as well as product hopper for 35 l. in stainless steel construction. including also product feed control. Capacity: Up to 60 fillings per minute. Condition: exellent.

Used ROVEMA Auger Filler, Model KSD 2 for filling powder and granular products on vertical packaging machines automatically. Including two sets of filling scruws and filling hopper all in stainless steel construction as well as product feed control and dosing controller module for filling 100 g. up to 2 kilo per pack. Capacity: Max. 55 ppm.

Used Elmoprint hot foil model M80 printer for termo printing directly on labels or packaging film during the packaging process using termic colour ribbon. This printer unit is ajustable and prepered for installation on vertical form, fill, seal machines. Capacity: approx. 70 packs per minute.

Markem SMART DATE 2 Termotransfer printer for intermittent operation on vertical form fill seal machines, also including fixture for film width up to 480 mm, and ajustable printer position in any direction. Max. width of printing is 52 mm for any kind of date marking, bar code, logos, user info etc. on packaging film, Speed up to approx. 45 prints per minute.

Used YAMATO Dataweigh multihead weigher Model ADW-134 RW for weighing 200 up to 2000 grams automatically – all steinless steel construction, equiped with 10 weighing heads and 10 preweighing buckets as well as 10 product feed vibrators, product collecting chute in sections below the weighing heads and timing hopper for filling each weight kombination to packaging machine. Cap. up to 55 weighings per minute.

Used and complete reconditioned Bilwinco Multihead Weighing Machine Model DW 160 -Q20 control – all in stainless steel construction – for weighing wet or frozen food as well as dry food products. This combination weighing machine includes 16 product-vibrators, 8 weighing heads and 16 accumulation heads to maximize accuracy and weighing speed. Weighing capacity: 70 grams up to 2000 grams.

Used ISHIDA Multihead Weighing machine model CCW 212 RCL-T for weighing dry food products like sweets, snacks, pet food etc. heigh speed very accurate. Weighing range 40 to 2550 grams. All contact parts in polished stainless steel construction including 14 preweighing buckets with product feed vibrator for each one and below these buckets 14 two door weighing buckets on loadcells for weight control and product distribution and filling of two vertical film packaging machines. Capacity up to 80 ppm. Condition: Excellent.

Used Twin set of Bilwinco linear weighing machines model 2WFEG with electro magnetic weighing system for weighing / filling pet foods, nuts, seeds etc. Weighing Cap. 200 grams up to 4 kilo. 6 Vibrators and contact parts in stainless steel constuction including also a product feed hopper with 20 liter product capacity. Condition: Good –

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines:

Used HAMAC – BOSCH 175 H Vertical Packaging Machine with impuls sealing system for making pillow shaped bags of plane PE-LD, printed or unprinted film from reel. Film forming tube of stainless steel for bag width 160 mm. and 180 mm. Max. bag length 400 mm. Capacity: Up to 40 packs / min. Condition: Good and serviced.

Used Hamac Bosch 175 H vertical packaging machine for forming and heat-sealing OPP-film or laminated plastic film bags from plane preprinted film reels automatcally for packing food stuffs, coffee, seeds and similar products. Capacity up to 65 packs per minute. with heat sealing system – Max. bag length 410 mm Condition: Reconditioned – 3 sets of forming tools available for 160, 180 and 190 mm bag width. Also including M30 hot foil printer. Exellent condition.

Used HASSIA FVL 22/20 vertical packaging machine for making single lane, double lane or triple lane 4 side heat sealed sachets with liquids or pasty products. Including integrated triple piston filling system with three sets of filling pistons filling from 3 ml up to 140 ml each piston. Max. sachet size: One lane – width 200 mm x length 210 mm Capacity: Single lane 30 – 65 packs / min. two lane 60 – 130 and three lanes 90 -180. Also including photocell control for preprinted film and lots of sealing equipment. Condition: Very good.

Used ROVEMA MVP 250 vertical packaging machine for making heat sealed pillow shaped bags for snacks, sweets, peanuts, dried berrys or similar products. Forming tube for 220 and 170 mm bag width. Bag length 70 to 440 mm ajustable. Also including photocell control for printed film and hot foil printer for printing pack date, exp. date, batch No, etc. Capacity: 25 – 60 packs / minute. Condition: Good and serviced.

Used ROVEMA VP 180 vertical packaging machine for producing heat sealed laminated plastic film bags or impuls sealed PE film bags for food stuff such as pet food, seeds, sweets etc. Capacity: Up to. 50 ppm. Forming tools for 10 cm, 13 cm and 15 cm bag width. Bag length ajustable from 7 to 26 cm. Also including hot foil printer unit. Condition: Good and serviced.