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Anger Filler


Since 1990 NORDPACK have been precenting their actual packaging news at Dansk Emballage Messe – the Danish exhibition for industrial packaging including all kind of packaging equipment, which takes place in Herning and Odense every two years – home town of the well known story teller Hans Christian Andersen.

Next show is Scanpack 2018 in Go Gothenburg/SE – Oct. 23. – 26

Our MAXI SPEED AUGER FILLER Model S2VS installed on top of a vertical packaging machine making plastic film bags which are being filled with powder or granular product automatically high speed, dosing for instance 100 gram with an accuracy rate within 2% filling up to 70 bags per minute. Or dosing 500 grams +/- 3 grams, filling up to 40 bags per minute

The actual filler shown to the left is equiped with gas flushing for iliminating Oxygen with Nitrogen in the product before and during the filling process to encrease shelf life up to 12 months.

Let us know what kind of product you want to fill and the weights to be filled, and we will soon give you our best solution and full information by e-mail. or by fax.